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JR's Find-It Page
A nexus to use in your quest for knowledge.
Find just about anything online!

For over a half century the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence has failed to find ET. JR believes he knows why, and how to be successful.

The AG Pages
The Ag. pages contain all manner of links to associations, schools, venders, equipment suppliers, and others that are committed to agricultural excellence.

The Sign Page
Make your own signs and badges. Lost & Found, Yard Sales, and others.

Homeland Security
Whether you live in a big city or you call the remote reaches of America home, your security is in your hands.

Self-reliance was the hallmark of the American people for most of this country's history.

JR's Firearms Page
Contrary to the opinion of some, firearms have many legitimate and legal uses. I, for one, truly appreciate the beauty of the instrument.

The Way Out West Bunch - We dress up like cowboys and shoot western era pistols, rifles, and shotguns.

JR's War Page
JR's views and opinions about our current war. (CAUTION: Expect nothing even close to political correctness on this site.)

J.R. Whipple has designed, built, sold, and repaired computers for over 30 years! He opened his professional doors in the mid 1970s in Santa Clara, California, and has sold and installed computer systems in some of the largest high-tech companies in Silicon Valley.

In the 1970's J.R. Whipple worked with the founders of several high-tech companies in the bay area, 'Silicon Valley', to help invent the personal computer.

JR developed the finest computers on earth. Over all those years JR has designed a number of computers, repaired thousands of other manufacture's machines, and seen & used nearly every computer ever made. This has given him the opportunity to see the good – the bad - and the ugly of nearly every computer ever made.

All good things must pass. J.R. has retired from the computer industry, and will soon be a full-time RVer.

Soon JR expects to be on the road in his motor-home, traveling throughout these wonderful United States, periodically reuniting with old friends, and hopefully making a few new friends throughout this last great journey of his life.

As attested by his online personas as 'Shoot2Stop' and 'Judge JR', he is very active in the world of firearms. Shoot2Stop for his online interests in RKBA 'Right to Keep and Bear Arms', including concealed carry and IDPA, and his nom de plume 'Judge JR' as his Cowboy Action Shooting persona, JR is especially interested in meeting, talking, and shooting, with like minded folks throughout our great nation.

As JR's perpetual road trip nears this web site will contain a dynamic map. (And he may even start talking in the first person. :-) By virtue of GPS and an online real-time mapping system, JR's travels and itinerary will be continuously updated and displayed here. Friends, both old and new, are welcome to contact JR, and invite him for a visit, to shoot & gab, as he nears their particular location.


If you find any errors in the facts or logic of this web page, or simply differ in philosophy, JR is interested in your feedback. Email JR. Please no unintelligible rants or raves. Sophomoric or un-referenced responses will be directed to the bit-bucket.

Synthetic Life
The man who sequenced the human genome has recently created the first synthetic life form.

Global Warming
Scientists, like all professionals, span the gambit from very good to abysmally bad. The vast majority of scientists are competent, well trained and devoted to the truth, but there are a few on the edges.

The New Centaur
The centaurs of Greek mythology were creatures part human and part horse. Usually portrayed with the torso and head of a human, and the body of a horse.

Welcome Home
A heartwarming article about our returning troops.

Recommended Reading
The Declaration of Independence
The reason our founders created a new country. Please note colum 6, second name, of the signatories

The Constitution
The rules of government our founders created for this new country.

The Bill of Rights
The first ten amendments to our Constitution sets limits on our government, and enumerates some of the more important rights of we the people.

Note: Our Second Amendment is unique in all the world. We are the only nation that specifically recognizes that its citizens have a natural right to self-defense.

Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal
The fuel that built our great nation, and would recover it today, if it were practiced with less government interference.