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Why do some computers freeze or crash?
Does your current computer hang, freeze or crash too often? I know the answer! Click the above link to learn more.

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   Why All Computers
   Are Not Created Equal.
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   Incompetent Computer
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•   Computer Crashes
   Why some computers
   crash, hang or freeze.
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   I just bought a
   new computer and
   it won't work!
•   Copy & Paste
   How to use the
   most powerful tool
   in Windows.
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   How to send an
   attachment via
   your email.
•   How To Save Files
   Saving & retrieving
   files to and from
   your hard drive.
•   Using A Scanner
   How to make your
   scanner do
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•   Save Password
   How to save your
   Internet password
•   Computer Faxing
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   your computer.
•   Virus Protection
   How to keep your
   computer bug free.
•   Re-Associate Files
   Re-associate an
   "Open-With" to a
   file type.
•   What Version?
   How can I tell what
   version of Windows
   I am running?
•   Should I Upgrade?
   Should I upgrade my
   computer's OS from
   Windows 95 to 98?
•   Modem Problems
   How to detect and
   repair some of your
   modem problems.
•   Make A Boot Disk
   How to make an
   emergency boot disk.
•   Installing Software
   How to install new
   programs in
   your computer.
•   Don't Install This
   A few things that
   probably shouldn't be
   installed in your
•   Removing Files
   How to safely remove
   files & programs from
   your hard drive.
•   Re-Formating
   How to properly reformat
   your hard drive.
•   Starting Over
   How to clean, reformat
   and reload your
   computer's hard drive.
•   Under The Hood
   How to safely work inside
   your computer.
•   Build Your Own
   Some helpful hints for
   those who want to build
   their own computer.

Free Virus Checker

Click the Button to Check your computer

Please read this page, in it's entirety,
before you start your scan!

The Never Ending Wonders
Of The Internet

The Internet promotes all sorts of wonderful, and many times, FREE information and products. By clicking on the above icon you can check your computer for viruses, for free. Try it, I think you'll like it!

Please note: If this is your first time using this virus checker, expect to wait several minutes while the scanner prepares to check for viruses. This time will vary depending on your modem speed and current internet traffic, and will be shorter the next time you visit.

Virus checkers are no good if the list of viruses they check for is out of date. New viruses come out every few days. If you installed a virus checker a few weeks or months ago, it may already be out of date and miss the newer viruses. One sure way to get the latest in virus detection is to use this online virus checker, its list of viruses are updated on a daily basis.

We recommend that after each new program you install in your computer, or after any Internet download, you perform this free virus check. It may save you much grief and money.


If you have never had a virus checker installed in your computer, or the Anti-Virus program, which was in your computer, has never been updated, there is a good chance that one or more viruses have already infected your computer and you don't know it!

Many computer viruses infect critical files that make up Windows. If an Anti-Virus program removes these infected files, your computer may fail to boot up the next time it is started, and you may need to reinstall Windows and/or other programs.

You're dammed if you do, and dammed if your don't! If you don't have an Anti-Virus program in your computer, you will eventually get infected, which may stop your computer from functioning… If an Anti-Virus program checks your computer and detects and removes infected files, that are critical to the computer's operation, this too may stop your computer from working right.

There is no easy way around this! All computers, that have Internet access, must have a good Anti-Virus program installed. Very few computers will be so infected that the Anti-Virus program will cause problems, but a few will. Backup all your critical data to floppies, or other removable media, then check you machine for viruses. Once your computer has been cleared of all viruses, do a normal power-down restart, and insure it starts up properly. In the rare case that your computer was so infected that it will no longer start properly, you may need to resort to your "Recovery CD" or completely clean and reload your hard drive: SEE THIS. If you have to resort to the recovery CD or to reloading Windows, after your computer is back up and running, you must then scan your backup media for viruses, or they could re-infect your computer.

Please Note:

Many virus checkers, DO NOT check for SpyWare, AdBots, or Parasites! To check for those, you should Click Here.

Trend Micro is the owner of this free virus checker. Please direct all questions about the operation of this virus scanner to Trend Micro's Tech-Support.

For information on purchasing the latest PC-cillin product, please call 1(800) 656-5443 or Click Here, to buy it online.

PS: You may find that Trend Micro is much more receptive to your questions after you spend the few measly bucks they are asking for their product.


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Who's Watching
  Surf The Net?

SpyWare, AdBots, and Parasites could be in your computer, watching and reporting on what you are doing online. Click the Eyes to learn more.

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