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Grips & Stocks

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Hogue Grips
We invite you to spend a few minutes with us to discover why Hogue® is the manufacturer of the world's finest handgun grips, rifle stocks and accessories. Learn why all major gun manufacturers install Hogue grips on their handguns as original equipment. In addition to our grips, take a look at our complete line of unique and innovative products including recoil-reducing shotgun stocks, OverMolded™ rifle stocks, speed holsters, and rifle barrels.

Lett Custom Grips
W F Lett Manufacturing, established in 1940, has been producing superior quality grips for many years. Since 1955, we have been the principal OEM Manufacturer for Sturm Ruger. Lett Custom Grips is a family business and we treat our customers as such. Customer satisfaction is our main concern and for this reason we will do our utmost to provide you with the finest hand-crafted grips available.

Pachmayr Grips have been the standard for soft, real rubber grips since their inception in the early 1960's. Pachmayr Grip designs incorporate the best materials available. While other manufacturers select their materials for lowest cost or easiest fabrication, Pachmayr selects its materials for superiority in recoil reduction, feel and control, durability, and finish.


Vintage Industries
High Quality Reproduction Grips and Buttplates for Revolvers, Pistols, Rifles and Shotguns.

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