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Buy & Sell Guns

Here you will find sites that help you buy and sell guns. Due to the idiocy of many of our politicians, some states do not allow the private sale of firearms. If you are in such a state, you may not be able to make use of some of these sites.

Even though most gun owners are, as a rule, more honest than non gun owners, it is advised that you take care when dealing with guns and money. “Trust but verify!”

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GunBroker.com is the The Web's Largest Firearm Trading Community™. We designed this gun auction site as a place where a user may buy and sell guns, gun accessories, archery equipment, and air guns. Our mission is to promote the legal exchange of guns and gun accessories between adults.

Welcome to Auction Arms, the Best Gun Auction Site on the web! You can browse our selection of thousands of guns and accessories in the categories below. Or you can access the most powerful online market of gun bidders on the planet by listing your product for sale!

Gun Watch is a trading name of Pigeon Watch Ltd., and complements the Pigeon Watch website, which was created in 2001. Gun Watch is designed to make it easier to match buyers and sellers of guns in the UK by providing an easy to search database which lists the guns currently available from both private and trade sellers.

Pigeon Watch started in 1999 as a simple website discussing pigeon shooting. A community was added in 2001, to allow visitors to discuss and compare tactics on shooting woodpigeons. The huge popularity of the site, and the broad interest base of those involved in the countryside means that PW no longer just covers pigeon shooting but all areas of countrysports. The site is now a leader in its field with over 18,000 members contributing to one of the most active fieldsports sites on the internet.

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