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   Re-associate an
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   How to make your
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   Why some computers
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How to Send an Attachment

So you have a scanner and want to send a picture!

Email attachments are the electronic equivalent of using a paperclip to attach something to an old-fashion paper letter. Just about anything can be attached to an email, but there are a few cautions.

  • Send files (pictures) in a format that the recipient can read.
  • Don't send LARGE files.
  • Explain, in the body of your text, that there is an attachment and what it's about.
  • After you have scanned and saved your image to the hard drive, (See Scanner Tips), do the following to attach it to your out-going email:

    Open your email program and start a new message. After you have entered the recipient's address, a subject, and some text,
    1. Click once on the paperclip icon.

    When the Insert File window opens,
    2. Use the down arrow button, or…
    3. The Up One Folder icon to locate the folder that your file is in.

    4. Click on the drive that contains the attachment.

    5. Double-Click on the folder that contains the attachment.

    6. Click once on the file you wish to attach, and then…
    7. Click the Insert button.

    That's it! Your file is now attached to the email. Finish your mail and send it.

    Keep em Small

    Some types of attachments are just too big to be easily emailed. You probably wouldn't consider attaching a Sears & Roebuck catalog to a letter then stuff it into an envelope, nor should you attach an over-size file to your email. Attachments over about 100K should be avoided.

    Some folks, especially if they have one of those free email accounts like Juno or others, are limited to emails that are no larger than about 64K.

    To check the size of an attachment:

    Right-Click once on the file of interest, and
    1. Left-Click once on the “Properties” choice.

    2. Insure the “General” tab is selected, and
    3. Read the file size.

    NOTE: Files of the type "jpg" are, generally, the smallest and the best choice for picture attachments. Click Here to look-up a file type.

    Many scanners will only “Save” scanned images in their proprietary format. If you send a proprietary formatted file to someone, they most likely won't be able to view it. Your scanner's software will probably allow you to “Export” the file to another format. Generally, you can get to the export choice by clicking on the word "File" at the upper left corner of the scanner program's window, then in the export dialog box select the appropriate file type. (Remember to name the file something that makes sense, and save it, somewhere on the hard drive, where you can find it)

    Virus Info
    To learn all about computer viruses, or check you computer for viruses, click the above icon.

    No mass-produced computers. I hand- craft each of my computer systems.

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