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•   Starting Over
   How to clean, reformat
   and reload your
   computer's hard drive.
•   Modem Problems
   How to detect and
   repair some of your
   modem problems.
•   Computer Faxing
   How to send and
   receive faxes with
   your computer.
•   Make A Boot Disk
   How to make an
   emergency boot disk.
•   Virus Protection
   How to keep your
   computer bug free.
•   Removing Files
   How to safely remove
   files & programs from
   your hard drive.
•   Installing Software
   How to install new
   programs in
   your computer.
•   Don't Install This
   A few things that
   probably shouldn't be
   installed in your
•   Re-Formating
   How to properly reformat
   your hard drive.
•   Under The Hood
   How to safely work inside
   your computer.
•   Re-Associate Files
   Re-associate an
   "Open-With" to a
   file type.
•   Using A Scanner
   How to make your
   scanner do
   what you want.
•   Computer Crashes
   Why some computers
   crash, hang or freeze.
•   How To Save Files
   Saving & retrieving
   files to and from
   your hard drive.
•   Copy & Paste
   How to use the
   most powerful tool
   in Windows.

"My customers receive free lifetime support"

How to Use Your Scanner

Scanners are great tools but can be a little confusing to some of us.

Wayne Fulton has done a marvoulus job of explaining scanner usage at: ScanTips.com This is a must read for anyone with a scanner. Click the link or the above scanner icon to see Wayne's online book.

A big tip of the hat to Mr. Fulton for his wonderful web page. Thanks Wayne!

Send a Picture Via Email

Click Here to learn how to send a picture, as an attachment, in your email.

Virus Info
To learn all about computer viruses, or check you computer for viruses, click the above icon.

No mass-produced computers. I hand- craft each of my computer systems.

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