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Welcome to JRWhipple.com   Over 25 Years in the Computer Business.
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I have designed everything from home appliances to industrial controls. I can help you with your design needs.

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   How to clean, reformat
   and reload your
   computer's hard drive.
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   How to detect and
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   modem problems.
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   How to properly reformat
   your hard drive.
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   How to safely work inside
   your computer.
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   Re-associate an
   "Open-With" to a
   file type.
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   Why some computers
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   files to and from
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   in Windows.



From a new CD-ROM drive to a bigger hard drive or more memory, we can upgrade your old workhorse into a new high-speed machine.

Are You Thinking About an Upgrade?

I take a very conservative approach to computer upgrades. Too many times, in my 25-plus years in the computer industry, I've seen upgrades turn out to be downgrades!

There are many variables that can raise their ugly heads, and make a well-intentioned upgrade turn out to be an unmitigated disaster. What works well on one computer may turn another machine into a boat anchor. Before you fall victim to the upgrade siren-song, a few minutes here may save you much money and grief.

A few things to consider
before you start your upgrade

If it Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It!

After years of propaganda from the advertising industry, many of us have come to believe their hype. Just because someone's marketing department screams New & Improved doesn't mean you have to have it. If your computer is doing the job you want from it, and the new features of some upgraded program offer nothing you need, why run the risks of an upgrade? After all, the software company's primary goal is to SELL more software.

If it "IS" Broke, Don't Upgrade It!

If your computer is suffering from any problems DON'T UPGRADE IT! Contrary to popular belief, upgrading a poorly running computer seldom fixes any problems, and many times, worsens your woes. Fix the root problem before you try to do any upgrades. Even many of the so-called computer repair programs can cause more problems than they fix.

Check with others before you start

Not just with one guy down the street. If your friend or relative had no problems with a particular upgrade, doesn't mean the same upgrade will go well for you. Many times small differences between one computer's hardware, and its installed software, can mean the difference between success and failure. Go to Deja News and see what people, all over the world, are saying about the particular upgrade you are contemplating.

Backup your important data

If you have one of our dual-drive computers do a drive-to-drive backup before downloading or installing ANY software upgrade, or installing any new hardware. If you have a regular computer, I can't over state the need to backup ALL your important data. Even the most innocuous sounding upgrade can cause complete loss of all data and programs on your hard drive.

Put down that screwdriver!

Before you take the cover off to add that new modem, CD-ROM drive, or other new hardware to your computer, please visit Under The Hood of Your Computer. There are a number of issues that can make or break your hardware upgrade.

Major upgrades can be major work

Major upgrades, like a new motherboard, can require a complete reformat and reload of your hard drive. Windows integrates very closely with the motherboard. Replacing the motherboard without cleaning and completely reloading the operating system can leave you with a very unstable computer.

See the Support Topics, at the left, for more upgrade help.

Click Here to inquire about upgrading your computer.

Twenty-five years writing software and working with computers has given me the opportunity to design and construct many computer programs, and later, webpages. I have seen what works and what doesn't.

I have decades of experience designing and building everything from industrial controls to small and large webpages. If it has anything to do with electronics or computers, I have done it.

Should you elect to use my services for any of your needs, I will give you much more than your money's worth. That's my promise!

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